London – Christmas windows

Christmas windows have become a destination attraction all their own and London knows how to adorn itself for the festive season.


xmas map

1- Selfridges has a history of doing more than most stores do with its window displays. Harry Gordon Selfridge was one of the first, in Britain, to introduce window dressing; when he founded his store in 1909, he employed elaborate holiday window decorations, prompting a new trend. Selfridge was also credited for the marketing phrase “Only __ shopping days until Christmas.”. Today, what began as a retail strategy has become an iconic holiday experience. 400 Oxford St, Marylebone, London, UK

2 – Hamleys is the world’s largest toy store and is considered one of the city’s major tourist attractions. Hamleys windows become particularly magical at Christmas time when winter scenes are brought to life, sometimes in a literal sense, with live performances and Santa Claus appearances. I would make this a must do part of any trip to London with children. 188-196 Regent St, Soho, London, UK

3 – Fortnum & Mason, one of London’s finest food and drink stores, has been decorating its windows since the 1880.  Now, F&M windows are filled with delicious Christmas treats and beautiful decorations. This shop is famous also for the outside clock that every 15 minutes plays a selection of airs and chimes on the hour while the figurines of Fortnum and Mason come out and bow to each other. 181 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London, UK


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